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2010 Winter - Water

The chilly temperatures remind us that winter is on its way.  The smoky winter air is nostalgic and a welcomed fragrance to me.  I love when it turns cold over the holidays.  I suppose growing up in New York has something to do with that.

As the winter/water season sets in, we continue with our theme of remembering that we as human beings are part of nature.  The winter/water energy is the most yin of all the seasons.  That means that we are meant to slow down.  Stillness is a topic most of us know little about.  As a culture we do not value stillness.  However, the yin is about stillness, quiet, introspection and cultivation of our inner self.  This can mean different things to different people but for all of us, no matter what form of stillness we choose, it should result in building up a store of energy and power that will serve us the rest of the year. 

Some ideas for this winter would be to sleep more, work less, exercise less intensely (you know who you are!), spend time thinking about where you are in your life and what you value.  Take the chance to just be!

I have this conversation with many of you on a regular basis.  It is a wonderful gift to be able to be productive and perseverant.   It creates momentum and success by many standards.  However, as with all things, balance is the key.  So, I just want to give a little attention to the other side.  Stillness can be fear inducing, and can reveal things about ourselves that we think we don’t want to know.  I believe if we let ourselves be still, we will push through that fear and find a true sense of peace, tranquility and purpose that is invaluable by any standard.

I am hopeful that we have another big snow storm this winter.  Sometimes I think nature knows best and provides a mandated rest to those of us who can’t or won’t do it on our own!

I hope the winter season is rejuvenating for all of you.  Enjoy whatever holiday you choose to celebrate.  Be present to those around you and listen deeply to your heart.

Peace and quiet.    Shani

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