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Spring 2015


We have persevered through the winter! As we approached spring, there was a palpable battle between winter and spring.  One day we had 9 inches of snow fall and just four days later we felt the sun warm our backs amidst 60 degree temperatures!  This back and forth brought out frustration and even anger in many of us.  


Each season has a corresponding element in Five Element Acupuncture.  The spring season corresponds with the Wood element.  Each element has further correspondences and an emotion.  The emotion of the Wood element is anger, including all of its cousins, such as frustration and irritation.  It is no mere coincidence that as spring forces its way onto the scene, we feel this emotion rise up in us.  The spring needs that forceful energetic to rise up after the dormant, yin quality of winter.  Think of the force necessary for the first daffodils and crocuses to push up from the cold, hard ground.


We may feel that same strong upward surge of energy.  It may come on us quickly and it may move through us just as quickly.  You may notice it on the roads.  As folks make a decision to drive a bit aggressively around us, we may feel anger rise up and we may even beep our horn to let the other driver know just how frustrated we are.  Keep in mind that this is the very nature of the season.  With self-awareness comes the possibility of more tact and grace as we interact with those around us.  


Spring is a time of rebirth, growth, and action.  The directive, goal-driven, productive actions we take come from the Wood element in us.  These gifts of the Wood element enable us to decide on a course of action, or a plan, to achieve our goals.  That emotion of anger can be a great motivator.  Anger can be channeled into action and can help us finally decide to move ahead.


We are beings of nature.  As such we can look outside to remind us of the gifts of each season.  In the springtime we often see the wind bend the trees.  Wind is the associated climate of the spring season.  A healthy tree stands firmly grounded with its roots reaching into the earth.  The tree is able to be flexible and to bend when the wind blows.  It is a sign of good health and balance when people are flexible and able to withstand the obstacles that come with each day.  Stand firmly grounded and know that the ability to bend and flex in the face of adversity is a sign of good health.


Protect yourself from the onslaught of the wind by throwing a scarf around your neck.  Wind is also seen as an external pathogen and it is important to protect the back of your neck, especially, from this aggressive environmental interloper! 

Enjoy the upsurge of this energetic shift from yin to yang.  You may feel a clarity and efficiency that has been somewhat dormant of late.  Just remember to take a deep breath if you also happen to feel the quickening of anger rush in.  Be flexible and not rigid and get going on tackling that to-do list!


By Nina Brugel

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