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2010 - Summer


The fourth of July is such a great Fire/Summer celebration.  Freedom, fireworks, cook-outs, these are all defining trademarks of the fire element.

The summertime days are long and bright, activity is at a high point.  The fire energy is the most yang of all of the elements.  That means that we, as part of nature, are meant to be “up and out,” active and connected.

The winter/water was time to conserve energy, hibernate and focus on introspection.  The spring/wood is the time for new beginnings, goal setting and effective action.  Now, the summer/fire is meant for joy, partnership and a whole lot of fun!!

I am hopeful you are all able to connect with those around you in both playful and intimate ways.  Celebrate your passion and laugh a lot!

The Heart Protector is one of the fire officials.  I often refer to this official as the body guard at the door of the heart.  It determines what we put out from our hearts as well as shat we take into our hearts.  In other words, it determines how we relate to other people.  TheTaoist principle of oneness suggests we are all connected.  The degree to which we experience this connection is relative to the fluidity and grace of our heart protector.  The summertime energy highlights the heart protector which is why we all have memories of passionate summertime romances, fun times with friends at the beach, and plenty of my favorite….. singing and dancing at concerts!!

Some people show up like bonfires, others as campfires.  Whatever the nature of your fire, make sure you stoke it during the summer months.  Find people who make you laugh and situations that bring you joy.  Let yourselves be flirty and playful in a way that truly brings your heart joy!

As I often profess, “none of us are meant to do this alone!”  Find your connection this summer and let it satisfy your heart.

I look forward to connecting and laughing with all of you this summer.

Cheers,   Shani

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