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A holistic way to improving your health.

Acupuncture is a healing modality that has been around for thousands of years. It is the elegant translation of the natural world being reflected onto the human being.  The astute observations of the ancient Chinese people maintained that balance was the key to the success of their agriculturally based society. There had to be a balance of Yin (cold, wet, dark, rest) and Yang (hot, dry, sunlight, activity).  They also found that there had to be a balance within each season. They describe five seasons or elements: the fire/summer, the earth/late summer, the metal/fall, the water/winter and the wood/spring.  
The natural world is dependent upon the balance of these elements in order to create optimal well being. As human beings we are also part of the natural world and therefore are subject to its laws of wellness.  Each of the seasons/elements has mind, body and spirit level correspondences within the human being.  As elemental acupuncturists we are constantly evaluating how the seasons are showing up within each of our patients.  We then select a treatment plan that will restore the balance of the elements within them.  For example, just as a fierce snowstorm can keep us all captive in our homes, frozen water in a person could render them captive to their own fear and anxiety.  A person who is too rigid in their ideas and ways of thinking could remind us of a tree that is too inflexible to survive the strong spring winds. Within each person there is a graceful dance between the elements that can be used to restore the balance of the whole.
The practitioners of the Elemental Acupuncture Group have all been schooled in the Five Element tradition set forth by JR Worseley. Since then each practitioner has explored other schools and traditions and has come up with their own style of treatment.
At the Elemental Acupuncture Group, we are all committed to helping people find the path of awareness that will lead them to health, happiness and restoration. We are grateful to have the opportunity to do this work and interact with people in such a meaningful way.


Shani Horne and Nina Brugel

Welcome to Elemental Acupuncture Group.
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