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"I came to Shani Horne as a patient after having had years of experience with various acupuncturists, including a Chinese MD who is one of the local stars in acupuncture. But truly, Shani Horne is the best I have ever encountered. Like all gifted healers, she is brilliantly competent but also intuitive, combining technical skill with a capacity to heal, to get to the bottom of the problem, to treat not just symptoms but the whole person."  

Marianne SZ-M,   ARLINGTON, VA



"I wanted to thank you for being the wonderful and insightful professional that you are.  I came to you several years ago for acupuncture treatment to address arthritis pain.  While the pain has completely dissipated, I have become a loyal fan of the Five Elements modality you practice. 


In these ensuing years, you have combined great skill and practical advice to help me seek the balance that keeps physical and emotional discomfort at bay.  In addition to sharing useful, practical insights to pursue this all-important balance, you have also been quite successful at addressing issues of pain when they arise.  This is priceless.


Thank you, thank you for the skill, the insight, and the compassion you bring to your practice."

Terry, Alexandria, VA

I have been a regular patient of Shani's since 2011. Her treatment has helped me both physically and emotionally as has her kind and nurturing spirit. I value her expertise and wisdom and can't recommend highly enough, even though I do, and often.  I never thought I'd look forward to medical treatments involving needles, which just goes to show that anything is possible. 

Jeannine, Great Falls, VA

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